US health insurance – taking care of yourself

Medical care in America is considered one of the highest quality in the world. It is achieved at the expense of qualified professionals and high-tech equipment.

Treatment in the United States is not cheap for citizens, 95% of Americans have insurance. It is mandatory for all residents of the country. Medical insurance is an agreement with an insurance company, according to which a client pays a specific contribution to the company every month, in return, it pays part of the cost of medical services.



Types of medical policies

Medicaid is a form of state insurance for the most vulnerable people, as well as for children and pregnant women. It is issued at the place of residence. Gives the right to hospitalization, vaccination of children, as well as long-term care for seriously ill patients. If the client moves to another state, respectively, will have to re-execute insurance documents.

Medicare provides social assistance to older people over 65 and people with disabilities. Its effect extends throughout America. The range of services provided is wider than in Madicaid. The insurance contract covers the cost of visits to doctors by 80%. And also provides benefits for the purchase of drugs.

Veteran Health Administration – military policy is provided to military personnel, veterans and their families. It involves the provision of services in army hospitals.

Private insurance in America is expensive. Can be paid personally by citizens or production employers. The main part of the funds is allocated by the company. However, if the employee leaves, the insurance will not be valid.

HMO – health maintenance organizations – one of the low-cost policies. According to him, the reception of doctors and medical hospitals is limited. Service is carried out in the organizations of one network. To get to specialists you need to take a referral from your therapist. Services provided by doctors in another network will not be paid.

PPO – the preferred provider of organizations – this type of insurance is more expensive. According to her line of serviced institutions is much expanded. The patient has the right to contact other clinics without a referral, doctors will accept it.

There are a number of other less well-known categories of insurance – Point-of-service (POS) and Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). They will cover a significant portion of your treatment fees.

How to get insurance

In America, the time is intended for sales of insurance – every year from 15.11 to 15.02. At other times, you can buy it only when you move or change your family composition, the price will remain the same. Documents can be purchased on the insurance market through a nationwide resource.

Considering your money potential, you can choose insurance:

  • fully paid by the state
  • the state partially incurs expenses
  • the employer pays for part of the insurance
  • paying by yourself

Insurance plans

There are 5 basic plans, they differ in the amount of the percentage of insurance coverage:


  • Minimum – provides only ambulance to persons under 30 years of age.
  • Bronze – insurance covers 60%
  • Silver – the company pays 70%
  • Gold – paid 80%
  • Platinum – insurance makes 90% Your monthly payment depends on the chosen plan, on average it will amount to 150 – 500 dollars.


Worth considering

If for any reason a citizen has no insurance, then one visit to the doctor will cost him $ 120 – $ 250.

For emergency cases, there is a hospital with emergency room emergency room. Here, everyone will be without exception.

Many Americans have insurance, in which family members are included, this is a tangible savings on medical care.

Young people up to 26 years old can take advantage of their parents’ insurance, which saves the family budget.

The services of narrow medical specialists are not included in the insurance payment. You must pay in full to visit a dentist, an ophthalmologist, or buy a separate insurance. Only child insurance includes a dentist appointment.

As you can see, the level of medical insurance in the United States depends on social status, financial capabilities, health and age.

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